About Us

The school to be at, Maverick College Ibadan.


If you're looking for a qualitative and affordable secondary education in an environment that's conducive for learning, and with current modern teaching facilities;you need not look any further.

Our well equipped science laboratories, adequately stocked ultra-modern library, fully air-conditioned computer room, well furnished lecture rooms, functional typing pool, art room, and home economics room to mention but a few are set to give our students the highest level of secondary education that is available in the market place today.


Academic excellence gained with high moral standards in a conducive and serene learning environment is what Maverick primarily has to offer.

Read more about our secondary school curriculum here as well as other academic programs available at Maverick.

Human Resources

The future of any organization to a large extent is dependent on the caliber of people who constitute it. To this end our college is very careful in choosing one of her greatest assets( the right members of staff). We are blessed with seasoned, highly dedicated, and skilled academic and non-academic staff and this has positioned us for the delivery of state of the art learning experience for all students.

As part of our quest for being at the cutting edge of the education "business", the college invests a sizable part of her resources regularly in the training of staff for maximum impact and service delivery through the organization of seminars, workshops (offered by various resource professionals) and several relevant resource materials.

Clubs and Societies

Our college's cardinal objectives, among other things aim at bringing out the best in our students. In pursuit of this various clubs and societies have been strategically structured and have since provided an impeccable platform for the achievement of this goal. Our students are continuously exposed to diverse areas(ranging from Science to Arts), challenged to be their best, and as a result, have better opportunities to identify their areas of keen interest where they can function maximally.

The activities of these clubs and societies have been contributing to the all-around development of our students innate abilities and the rediscovery of their latent potentials most especially outside the classroom walls.

Some of the clubs and societies are the Junior Engineers, Technicians & Scientist (JETS), Arts & Crafts Club, Literary and Debating Society, The Home Makers Club, The Cultural Club, The Readers Club, The Press Club, The French Club, Martial Arts Club etc.

Boarding Facilities

Also available at our college is elegant modern hostel facilities for both male and female students and they are situated close to the school premises.

Proper monitoring is ensured by experienced and dedicated members of staff to supervise boarders' activities closely while they optimize their stay in the boarding house for an enhanced and result-oriented academic pursuit.

Religious Fellowships

Going by our holistic approach to education of every child, our management team is committed to nurturing of the "spirit man" of every student irrespective of their background, race, and creed.

Therefore the school supports regular assembly of students (both of Christian and Muslim faith) with members of staff as coordinators of such gatherings at designated centers on a weekly basis.

Sports and Competition

Our students performances in several competitions, debates, quizzes, sports and exhibitions (both internal and external) have been very profound and commendable. The college has won several awards in these areas and we are not resting on our oars.

In order to incorporate the essential virtues of team work and commitment to excellence, we encourage student participation in these events and ensure they are recognized for any laudable effort launched in these directions.


Excursions is no doubt the way to go when it comes to the question of recreation especially in the hearts of students after they must have undergone a long journey of a term's work.

Maverick College takes advantage of the opportunity of several tourism centers both at home and in neighboring countries to keep her students refreshed, inspired and reloaded for the next phase of their academic pursuits while they explore the beauties of nature at the country side, fresh water falls, mountains, etc.

We also make provisions to visit places like media houses, factories, and industrial laboratories among others to challenge our students in a positive way and to make them aspire to get to such places and beyond in the future, through their commitment to excellence especially in their academics