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        Our School Song
  • My dreams are here
  • My goals are attainable
  • As long as I keep focused
  • Not relying on my strength
  • Striving always
  • To be the best He's made me
  • Touching my generation
  • The future of the world
  • Maverick is forming in me
  • The choice qualities
  • I won't let my dreams down
  • The future of the world
  • We are the future of the world
The school began as Maverick Coaching Centre (MCC) on the 11th of October 2004, following a management crisis at International School Ibadan(ISI), University of Ibadan and consequent disengagement of all the staff in July 2004.

A group of teachers dissatisfied with the new terms and conditions being offered for re-absorption into ISI, resolved not to go back, but to fall forward and take the risk of starting out on their own and did just that!

From the outset, the maverick in Maverick began to manifest. We had students before we had the furniture and other facilities they would use. At the end of the first week of operating the coaching centre, there were fifty-six registered students, a miracle of sort. Money realised from them was used to mobilise the carpenters and to buy chalk and makeshift black-boards.

The performance and success records of students of the centre prompted satisfied parents to urge management to advance the centre to a full-blown secondary school. On the 26th of September, 2005, Maverick College, Ibadan emerged on the scene having fulfilled the requirements of the State Ministry of Education and the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for establishing such entities. At the end of the first term of that academic year, the enrollment was 265 students and 32 teachers, and ever since, the growth has been phenomenal. The figures two years later stood at well over 600 for students and 67 for teachers.

We have presented students for WAEC and NECO at the Senior Secondary School level, NECO and State for Junior secondary school level and the results speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on the quality of teaching we offer, predicated on the quality of teachers we engage and the excellent teacher-student relationships that enable us to closely monitor the progress of each student

God has indeed helped us so far. There is no foreseeable limit as to what we can do by God's awesome grace. We shall continue to remain true to our commitments, responsibilities and vision