Admission and Housing


Application process for new students is detailed below. Please contact the School's administrative office for tuition & fees breakdown.

Applying to Maverick

  1. Download and complete the appropriate application forms. Forms can also be obtained at the administrative office.
  2. Submit the completed forms to the administrative office along with the corresponding processing fees.
  3. Take the entrance examination, you'll be informed of the date by the administrative office. The entrance exam is required to ensure new/transfer students are prepared for the class they're seeking admission into. Entrance examinations are normally scheduled for the months of March and April but candidates can also make a request to the admin office to take the exam at another date.
  4. Contact the admin office 5 business days after taking the entrance exam to check your results.
  5. Successful candidates will be provided a provisional admission letter and should then pay a non-refundable acceptance fee to secure their admission. The acceptance fee is simply a deposit and will be deducted from the school fees.
  6. Obtain admission packet (e.g. textbook list, boarding rules/regulations etc) from administrative office.
  7. Pay the remaining portion of first term fees (including school, boarding and miscellaneous fees) prior to first day of classes.
Download Forms
  • New students (JS1) admission form
  • Transfer students admission form