List below contains names and contact information for Maverick's directors. The titles/roles listed below are valid from 2009-2011 and this is because every 3 years the directors rotate roles (e.g. Mr Alabi was the school principal in 2008).

Our directors are here to serve the Maverick Community, please feel free to contact them if you've got questions, comments and/or concerns you'd like them to address.

Name: Mr. R.B. Isewon
Title: Principal
Tel: 0802-344-7475
Name: Miss T.E.A Lasabi
Title: Vice Principal (Academics)
Tel: 0802-338-7927
Name: Mr. O.A. Kolade
Title: Vice Principal (Administration)
Tel: 0802-344-9246
Name: Mrs. K.F. Kuyinu
Title: Chairperson
Tel: 0802-308-0403
Name: Mr. A.C. Alabi
Title: Director of Finance
Tel: 0802-329-3476
Name: Mr. P.O. Ajayi
Title: Director of Programmes
Tel: 0705-539-142